About Marién Grace


The recognition, creation and encouragement of beauty in life inspires the art quilts of Marién Grace. Click About the Art to learn more about the impressionist art quilt style.

Creating a quilt is a passionate process for Marién. When she is involved in a new quilt, she sometimes forgets to eat, go to bed, or feed her family (until they insist)!

Marién loves nature and in addition to her artwork maintains a beautiful garden in Petaluma, California. For many years she was a "wannabe" gardener, but was afraid to try her pale and uneducated hands on actual living beings, i.e. plants. Consequently, she turned her desire for natural beauty to her artwork. Finally in 2003, with the help of some gracious permaculturists and the insistence of her land calling, she overcame her fear and has since become an avid gardener. Her reliance on the nature spirit guides to give her direction in the garden somewhat relieves her conscience of guilt in garden mistakes and allows her to fully engage in the gardening process.

Marién has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from CalArts, where she was engaged in art quite different from what she currently does. She studied in the "Post-Studio" program, where she created works examining meaning in sound, movement, gesture and language. 

A life-long yearning to understand the nature and workings of the universe has impelled Marién's spiritual life toward many avenues of study. This current has led Marién to also become the Founder and Director of the Bay Area Crop Circle Study Group, to provide a forum for those who wish to gather and study the phenomenon of crop circles, which continues to manifest beautiful and mysterious designs around the world.

Marién is also a mother of two nearly adult children, and has a beautiful cat named Illuma.

To contact Marién Grace: marien@impressionist-quilts.com